Tim SurveyMETER Yogyakarta Kaji Lansia Payakumbuh

Is Payakumbuh an age-friendly city? Although in Payakumbuh there have been many efforts to empower elderly population but how it is situated in national level still need to be assessed. For this purpose, two staffs of SurveyMETER, a research institution based in Yogyakarta visit Payakumbuh, Monday (18/2)

SurveyMETER’s staffs, Faqih Anatomi and Arif Gunawan interview Deputy Head of District, H. Suwandel Muchtar on what the city authority’s efforts on elderly empowerment. During the interview, Mr. Muchtar is accompanied by chairperson of Payakumbuh Elderly Commission, H. Syamsuar, BA, dr.Hj. Yanti, M.Pd. representing head of Payakumbuh Health Office, head of community wellbeing, Aidil, S.Sos and some members of elderly commission

SurveyMETER ask eight questions to Mr.Muchtar, assessing whether Payakumbuh has complied with age-friendly dimensions set up by WHO and National Commission on Elderly, such as : availability of age-friendly buildings, green-open space, public transportation, dwelling or housing complex, social participation, respect, involvement, health service and social relation.

Deputy head of district says that the city nurture and empower elderly population together with city elderly commission and Jantung Sehat Foundation of Payakumbuh. Although, the city is not yet declared as age-friendly city but for the past 10 years this city has become reference for other cities in Indonesia how to serve the elderly population. Local culture of Payakumbuh which put high respect to elderly is the key of age-friendly practices in Batiah City.

Mr. Muhtar who is also the chairperson of Payakumbuh elderly commission adds that his city has been welcoming many visits from elderly groups from throughout Indonesia. The life expectancy in Payakumbuh has increased to 78 years, thanks to high level of integration from Posbindu services, starting from village, sub district and city level. Elderly population in Payakumbing receive regular health check up and treatment at Posbindu by designated doctors and health workers. Elderly population often gather for  exercise and religious activities.

In the future, Payakumbuh will declare itself as age-friendly city, as recommended by team from SurveyMETER, as consequence city will build facilities and infrastructures which are fully age-friendly, Mr. Muhtar wraps up the interview

News and photos are quoted from http://payakumbuhkota.go.id/2013/02/18/tm-survei-meter-yogyakarta-kaji-lansia-payakumbuh/. In this study SurveyMETER cooperates with Centre for Ageing Studies Universitas Indonesia (CAS UI). This study applies quantitative and qualitative approach. For quantitative study, data is collected from 14 cities in 11 provinces while qualitative data is collected from 6 cities in 6 provinces. The objective of this study is to provide input to city authorities as they have committed to develop an age-friendly city. For related news, see  http://www.antarasumbar.com/berita/payakumbuh/d/4/272637/wawako-payakumbuh-ingin-jadi-kota-ramah-lansia.html